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Video Services


In January of 2008 we established Abba's Video Services as a ministry to Christian organizations. This service was intended to provide free or "at- cost" videography and production services to selected Christian outreaches. Often doing video production work is cost prohibitive for smaller churches and Christian ministries. This service is provided to help churches, missions and other Christian based organizations get the video production work done without imposing excessive costs to the organization.

Types of Projects Completed

Equipment Available
  • 3 - HD Video Cameras
  • Three point studio lighting
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Editing System
    • Custom editing computer w/Hex Core Processor
    • Sony Vegas Pro 13 editing software
    • Adobe Premier Video Editing Softwar
    • Photoshop Still Photo editing software
    • DVD Burners


  • On site videography with up to 3 - HD Video Cameras
    • Lighting
    • Wireless Microphones
  • Editing of footage.
  • Production of Master Copy DVD
    • Quantity copying of DVD's
  • Creating YouTube or Vimeo ready files

Free Services Only Available to Non-Profit Christian Organizations

We provide videography, editing and production services for most small to medium projects requiring 1 to 3 cameras. We have limited resources for free services. If you have a project in mind please contact us to apply for consideration. We reserve the right to accept projects based on resources availability and our personal assessment of a project's qualification as a "Christian" based work. The determination of what constitutes a "Christian" work will be determined by our Statement of Faith. Only Christian organizations that are aligned with our Statement of Faith will be accepted.

Our Videography Services are NOT Available for hire.

We do not accept paid work of any kind. We do not do weddings, engagements, receptions, product demos, commercials or any type of video where we as a vendor would normally be paid for the service. The only exception is, as part of our Real Estate Services, where we offer video tours of homes or businesses.