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Photo Mounting Options


DuraPlaq® Products

We use DuraPlaq® as our primary supplier for prints, mounting and framing. DuraPlaq® provides a full line of Fine Art Photo mounting solutions made in the USA.


We offer all of DuraPlaq's® Framing and Stack options.



  • DuraPlaq® Wood Products
    • StandardPlaq -- Premium, Eco-Friendly Woods.
      • Surface Finish Options: Velvet (Standard), Satin, Matte, and Semi-Matte.
      • Hanging System: Keyhole with screw(s) and keyhole locater(s) is standard. An easel system is added to any StandardPlaq less than ten inches. Wire hanger can not be incorporated onto this product, if wire hangers are required DuraPlaq® recommends using the FloatPlaq product.
      • Edge: Beveled with any color.
    • FloatPlaq -- Give your Art Dimension!
    • MegaPlaq -- Thick Plaq Offering Substance & Dimension.
    • Slim StandardPlaq -- Durable, Glass Free Framing Option.



  • DuraPlaq® Canvas Products
    • Artist's Note: We generally do not recommend using Canvas because our Gigarama's excellent detail is lost using canvas median.
    • DuraWrap -- Traditional Gallery Wrap with long-lasting no sagging DuraPlaq Innovation.
    • SlimStandardPlaq with Canvas Print -- Sturdy Frame-Ready Canvas Product.
    • Economy DuraWrap -- Traditional Gallery Wrap feel with long-lasting no sagging DuraPlaq Innovation.



  • DuraPlaq® Plexi Products



Contact us or call 303-485-9437 for quotes on our photos printed on any of these products.