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Night Photography Gallery

Summer of 2013, I found a new passion within my overall love of photography. That is Night Photography. This gallery features some of the images of the night skies that I have captured. Using a Canon 5Diii at higher ISO settings gives one the ability to capture the wonder of the night skies like never before. There is nothing like standing under the canopy of stars at midnight in Rocky Mountain National Park taking in the wonder of our Creator's handy-work.

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Lake Irene in Rocky Mt. National Park

Lake Irene

Fall Colors by Moonlight -- NEW 2017!

Co. Road 9 San Juan Mountains


Starry Night on Rd 9, Ridgway, CO

Milky Way

Perseid Meteor, Pawnee Grasslands, CO


Moonless Night in Rocky Mountain National Park

Milky way


Fire in the Night -- Rocky Mountain National Park

Night Sky illuminated by forest fire

Milky Way over Sprague Lake

Hallett Peak

Starry Night Over Mummy Range

Night Panorama

Moon Rise Alpenglow Glow

Night Panorama

Milky Way and ISS (International Space Station)

Milky Way






Night Panorama of Mt. Sneffels and Dallas Range

Night Panorama

Silent Night At Trail Ridge

Dallas Peak

Moonrise Over the Rockies

Milky Way