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God's Creation Captured in Fine Art Photography


Gigarama Photography

Originally Developed for Mars Rover

What I have coined Gigaramas are often called Gigapans. These images are made using technology employed by the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, to capture the incredible images of the red planet. Now days we are very used to seeing stitched images on TV and Google Earth. The imaging technology developed by Digital Globe is the enabling technology behind Google Earth.

Stitching Technology Used to Create Fine Art Photography

Computer programs capable of stitching several photos together have been available for several years. Over the past couple of years these programs have matured and grown much more powerful. Nowadays images are available for viewing on the web that incorporate thousands of individual photos. The current record holder is a 365 Gigapixel image of the Mont Blanc made up of 70,000 images.

While most of these images are internet novelties, I recognized the potential this technology had as a tool to create Fine Art Photos. I had been creating small 8-10 photo panoramas for some time. The prospect of stitching 100's of images together into one large image intrigued me. In March, 2012 I purchased a Gigapan Epic Pro and started on the adventure of learning to use this tool to create very high resolution Fine Art Photos.

Up the Learning Curve

Many of my first efforts were met with frustration and 100's of megabytes used up on my hard drive. I quickly discovered that all the details of making sure exposure, focus, composition are all perfect for a single image were multiplied by the fact that now I had to have 50-100 images all perfect. However, after many failed attempts I have been able to produce some images that capture our Creator's handiwork in a way that is worthy of Him. I invite you to view them and enjoy some our Creator's beauty He made for our enjoyment.