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Mount Sneffels II

Co. Rd 5 near Ridgway, Colorado

Mt Sneffels
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This is one of my favorites for the Fall 2013 colors. The original shot measured 40" by 120". The versions shown is cropped to a 1:3 size. This shot was done morning of Oct. 5, 2013 County Rd 5 south of Ridgway, CO. The early morning was crystal blue sky but as the morning progressed a few wispy high clouds started to form. The winds over the mountains lifted warmer air out of the valleys and form ghostly clouds that appeared an disappeared in a matter of moments.

This original uncropped version of this panorama consists of a HDR image made up of 144 individual 22.5 mega-pixel images shot with Canon 5Diii at F 16.0, bracketed @ 1/25th, 1/60th, & 1/10th of a second and ISO 100 using a 200mm lens. The cropped image as shown is:

  • 2.42 Gigapixels
  • 12000 x 36000 pixels
  • 40" x 120" 300 ppi
  • This image is available 1:3 ratio in sizes up to 8 ft x 24 ft without loss of detail.
  • Call for pricing over 40" x 120"
  • Ask about wall murals done on photographic grade wall paper.

Prints are available in four Finish Choices. Finishes are acid-free and ultra violet (UV) light protected, shielding it against fading and deterioration and can be wiped down with water or any ammonia-free cleaners.


Print Only

Approximate lead time for shipping of Prints is 1 week.

Standard Plaque Mount

We highly recommend the Metalized Paper. This special paper does an excellent job of bringing out the detail of the photos.

All of our plaques are produced by Duraplaq on photo quality High Density boards. Numerous Mounting Styles are available along with many Edge Treatments.

Approximate lead time for shipping of Plaque Mounts is 2 weeks.

Mounting Options

The above sizes and mounting options are a small subset of the overall mounting options we have. We offer all of our photos on a variety of mounting options from just prints, plaque mounting, Metal Prints, or Plexiplaq. We also offer Tri-Panel, Quad-Panel or Wall Clusters & Splits. Most of our Gigaramas are available as wall murals. We also license our photos for various commercial applications.

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