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Moonrise Over the Rockies

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado



Labor Day weekend 2013 my wife and I were staying in RV resort near Grand Lake. Neither of us could sleep and around midnight she asked if I wanted to go out and do some night photos. We drove into Rocky Mt National Park about 3 or 4 miles north of the west entrance. I found a little road that I had scouted earlier in the daylight that went down to the banks of the Colorado River. I had been shooting some shots of the river and Milky Way when I began to notice a glow on the eastern Horizon. It was about 1:45 AM and I knew it was too early for the sunrise. I realized it was the Moon about to rise. I repositioned my tripod just in time to catch the first tip of the New Moon as it peeked over the horizon. The most amazing part was that the clouds on the eastern horizon took on the same red glow of a sunrise, only much dimmer.

This image was shot with Canon 5Diii at F 2.8, 30 second exposure time and ISO 6400 using a 24mm lens. It is a composite of 3 vertical tilts to capture as much of the night sky as possible. It is cropped to a 1:1 square image.

The image as shown is:

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