Abba's Creations Photography

God's Creation Captured in Fine Art Photography


Fine Art Lease Pricing Structure

Package Deals

Consider a Basic, Plus or Value package deal. Each package includes a specific number of small, medium and large print sizes. You choose the image from the lease portfolio and the format; paper framed & matted print, 1-panel unframed glicee gallery wrap canvas, DuraPlaq glicee on wood and multi-panels in any format combination. If you need more than twelve pieces consider creating a Super Package. Each piece arrives ready to hang with wall mount attached.

Basic Package - $270/month ($45 per piece)

2 each; small, medium and large

Plus Package - $360/month ($40 per piece)

3 each size; small, medium and large

Value Package - $420/month ($35 per piece)

4 each size; small, medium and large

Super Package - $30 per piece per month

13+ assorted small, medium, and large pieces

Custom Packages

Need a signature entryway, executive office or conference room extra large. multi-panel or custom frame piece to impress your clients? For a reasonable extra fee create your own Custom Package. 

Extra Large Framed & Matted, DuraPlaq & Canvas Pieces

X-large size, Duraplaq or framed canvas prints up 96" in long dimension- $60 per piece per month

Special Sizes, Metal Prints

  • Special size (long & narrow, square, etc.) or multi-panel metal pieces
    • Priced by square inches of the overall piece. $0.025/sq-in per piece per month.
    • Metal print pieces quoted on per case basis.

Special Request

Have your eye on a John Freeman photograph not in the lease portfolio? No problem special requests are possible. Call (303-485-9437) or email ( with your special request.

Contract Requirements / Additional Fees

  • First & last month rent due at time of delivery
  • Three (3) month minimum lease for small to large sizes.
  • One (1) year minimum lease for X-Large & Custom multi-panel sizes.
  • Delivery & Pick Up Charges
    • FREE delivery and pick up for Front Range clients from Denver to Cheyenne.
    • $250 maximum one-time shipping fee for non-Front Range Colorado clients.
  • Damage fee is 20% of MSRP value of damaged piece.

Optional Services

  • Lease-to-own option available -- call or email for details
  • $50 art installment/hanging fee
  • X-Large, special size, or multiple panel metal pieces available (see Custom Packages above)
  • $100 one-time fee for special request images not in rental inventory portfolio

Size Description

Most of my work is in Landscape format with photos have a fairly large width to height ratio ranging from 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3 & 1:4.

  • Small = 9' Vertical height --  9x13.5, 9x18, 9x27, 9x36 (<360 sq-in)
  • Medium = 14' Vertical height --  14x21, 14x28, 14x35, 14x42, 14x56 (<800 sq-in)
  • Large = 18' Vertical height --  18x27, 18x36, 18x45, 18x54 18x72 (<1300 sq-in)
  • X-Large = Total sq-in greater than 1300.
    • DuraPlaq wood up to 36" x 96".
    • Tri-Panels up to 40" x 160" overall size (40" x 53.3" for each panel.)
  • Custom = Special sizes (i.e. Tri-panels, multi-panel , square, etc.) and multi-panel metal prints