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Fine Art Photography Lease Program

Reasonable Monthly Fees and Lots of Options

Why Lease?

  • Avoid large upfront capital outlay
  • Tax deductible as a business expense (consult your personal tax expert)
  • Dozens of images, sizes and formats to choose from.
  • No commitment to purchase while retaining the lease-to-buy option
  • Always a fresh look, rotation and exchange program available for long-term leases
  • Inexpensively decorate temporary retail or work space without the hassle of storage during off season

Who should consider leasing?

  • Builders or Realtors - staging new model or re-sale homes
  • Travel agencies, outdoor retailers and tour companies - ability to rotate themes by season, location, or genre
  • Restaurateurs- refresh the 'look' with new and different images a few times a year
  • Vacation, condo, time share owners - extra touch to attract and retain customers with local images

How it works - Next steps

The process is simple.

  • Select a Basic, Plus, or Value Package or put your own Custom Package together,
  • Choose images from the lease portfolio,
  • Read and sign the rental agreement,
  • Pay the first and last month rental fee, and
  • Confirm logistics and delivery instructions

It is that simple!

Call (303-485-9437) or email ( for a final written quote or to discuss logistics details. We are happy to accommodate special requests.

Format Options

High resolution photographic art pieces are available in a variety of formats and sizes; framed and matted paper prints, glicee canvas gallery wrap prints (framed or unframed), and 1-panel infused metal prints (framed or unframed). Metal prints are also available in a large multi-panel format. Finished sizes range from 9x13" to 18"x72". Multi-panel prints as large as 40"x160". All pieces arrived ready to hang with wall mount hardware attached. Check out the samples.

Pricing and Fees

If you need several pieces in a variety of sizes, choose a Package Deal. It is the most economical option. Each package includes small, medium and large pieces in most formats. If you need an extra large or special format piece to help showcase an entryway, executive office or conference room we can help. For a modest additional fee select an image and custom format.

Related Services

  • Lease-to-own option available call for details
  • Don't want to hang the pieces yourself? No problem. For a additional fee we will send someone out to hang them for you.
  • Have your eyes on a specific John Freeman photograph not in the lease portfolio? No problem. Pay an additional fee and select any John Freeman photograph.