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Early Light at Stony Pass

Denali National Park, Alaska

Milky Way
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Aug. 8, 2017, 7:20 AM. God blessed us with a 4th day where Denali was fully visible. We arrived about 50 minutes after sunrise and long shadows of the peaks to the east crossed the valley below Stony Pass. A mountain wave cloud hovers over Mt. Denali like an alien UFO. Wind swept snow is visible in plumes off of the higher peaks.

This panorama consists of 51 individual 42 mega-pixel images shot with Sony a7Rii at f-22, 1/30th second exposure time and ISO 50 using a 400mm focal length on Canon 70-200 zoom lens & 2x converter. The final cropped image is 5 ft x 16 ft..

The image as shown is:

  • 1.067 Gigapixels
  • 18000 x 59294 pixels
  • 60" x 194" 300 ppi original image size
  • Available in 1:3.236 ratio up to 24" x 92" on Standard Plaque
  • Tri-Panels up to 48" x 192" on Standard Plaque, AlumiPress or PlexiPlaq
  • Call for pricing of sizes not listed.
  • Wall murals up to 10 ft. x 32 ft.

Consult Price List for 1:3.236 ratio size options and cost details.

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  • Standard Plaque prints are available in four Finish Choices. Finishes are acid-free and ultra violet (UV) light protected, shielding it against fading and deterioration and can be wiped down with water or any ammonia-free cleaners.
  • We highly recommend the Metalized Paper for prints, plaques and PlexiPlaq products. This special paper does an excellent job of bringing out the detail of the photos.
  • All of our plaques are produced by Duraplaq on photo quality High Density boards. Numerous Mounting Styles are available along with many Edge Treatments.
  • Approximate lead time for shipping of Prints is 1 week. Plaque mounts and other options 2 weeks.

Mounting Options

The above sizes and mounting options are a small subset of the overall mounting options we have. We offer all of our photos on a variety of mounting options from just prints, framed, plaque mounting, Aluminum Prints, or Plexiplaq. We also offer Tri-Panel, Quad-Panel or Wall Clusters & Splits. Most of our Gigaramas are available as wall murals. We also license our photos for various commercial applications.

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