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Dallas Peak Sunset

Co. Rd 7 near Ridgway, Colorado

Dallas Peaks
( Click on image to access high resolution view. )


Long shadows stretch into the valleys as the sun nears the horizon. A lone cloud forms on the right shoulder of Dallas Peak as the sun late afternoon light sets the Aspens a fire with reds and oranges. This Gigarama is the second largest I have shot. It must be viewed with the high resolution viewer to be fully appreciated. This was shot on Co Road 7.

  • 810 Mega-pixels
  • 18000 x 45000 pixels
  • 60" x 150" 300 ppi original image size
  • Available in 1 x 2.5 ratio from 6"x15" to 38.4" x 96"
  • Available as Tri-Panel 1 x 2.5 ratio from 38.4" x 96" to 60" x 150" Call for pricing.
  • Can be printed as Wall Mural up to 8' x 20' without lose of resolution. Call for pricing.

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  • Standard Plaque prints are available in four Finish Choices. Finishes are acid-free and ultra violet (UV) light protected, shielding it against fading and deterioration and can be wiped down with water or any ammonia-free cleaners.
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Mounting Options

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