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Autumn Sunset on Dallas Range

Serialized Limited Edition

Co. Rd 9 near Ridgway, Colorado

Dallas  Range Sunset
( Click on image to access high resolution view. )


This shot was made evening of Oct. 2, 2016 about 8 miles out on County Road 9 south west of Ridgway, CO. The lingering rays of sunlight are illuminating mountain peaks along with Aspens and Scrub Oak. This is a HDR photo is made up of 81 HDR images consisting of 3 shot bracketed groups derived from a total of 243 images. This is the second largest photo I have shot to date and the largest HDR image I have ever shot. The only way to appreciate the tremendous detail of this image is to click on above image and zoom in to view in high resolution.

This original un-cropped version of this panorama consists of 81 individual 42 mega-pixel HDR images shot with Sony a7Rii at f-16, 1/13th, 1/50th, & 1/3rd of a second and ISO 100 using a 300mm lens. The 1:5 cropped image as shown is:

  • 1.512 Gigapixels
  • 86729 x 17440 pixels
  • 289" x 58" 300 ppi
  • This image is available 1:5 ratio in sizes up to 19 in. x 96 in. on single Duraplaq Plaque mount.
  • Quad Panel in sizes up to 4 ft. x 20 ft.
  • Call for pricing. Available in various cropped custom sizes.
  • Please call to ask about wall murals up to 8 ft. x 40 ft. printed on photographic grade wall paper.

Prints are available in four Finish Choices. Finishes are acid-free and ultra violet (UV) light protected, shielding it against fading and deterioration and can be wiped down with water or any ammonia-free cleaners.

This print is going to be offered only as a "Serialized Limited Edition" with no more than 10 prints to be sold. Initial price for this image as a "Limited Edition" is $5,000 plus custom size printing and mounting fees. We are not providing standard pricing on this image because of it's enormous size. We will custom size it to your specific needs and provide quote for printing and mounting.

Mounting Options

The above sizes and mounting options are a small subset of the overall mounting options we have. We offer all of our photos on a variety of mounting options from just prints, plaque mounting, Metal Prints, or Plexiplaq. We also offer Tri-Panel, Quad-Panel or Wall Clusters & Splits. Most of our Gigaramas are available as wall murals.

Call us for quotes for any of these options.